After working for years on the symbolism of the Tarot of Marseille, Francesco Guarino has identified the presence of millions of symbols placed in relation to each other by an astounding logic.

These relationships give rise to an esoteric structure invisible to the eye of an uninitiated person or one who claims to study the Tarot instrument from a simple book.

One of the characteristics of this structure, combined with the study of the history and initiatory logic of the Tarot, is the possibility of reflecting a completely revolutionary method of Tarot reading:

The TdM Method of Tarot Reading

Tarocchi di Marsiglia scuola di cartomanzia Francesco Guarino Tarot

The TdM Method of Tarot Reading

The TdM method of Tarot reading is revolutionary because it is able to exploit the logic with which the Tarot expresses itself.

It involves extrapolating the rules of the draught by directly observing the symbols.

The Symbolic Observation

It is precisely the symbolic observation that makes this method of reading effective and unique in the world.

Never before could the Tarot be read according to its own logic, a language that is not only archetypal, but made up of colours, numbers, symbols and names placed in relation to each other.

TdM Method Of Tarot Reading

With the TdM method, you will not read the Tarot. You will dialogue with it in the same way as holding a conversation with an enlightening Master.

Discover now the basic rules of the TdM Method of Tarot Reading.

Corso Tarocchi di scuola TdM

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