With this program you can draw the cards of the day.

The whole study of the Tarots begins from the analysis and meditation of the two cards.

Now focus on staring at the picture below and, when ready, click on the spiral.

Consulti Tarocchi Gratis

DISCLAIMER: The free automated Tarot reading is provided for entertainment and reflection purposes only. The information should not substitute professional, medical, legal, or financial advice. Important decisions regarding your life should not be based solely on the results of the Tarot consultation. By accessing the cards in an automated and free manner, you acknowledge and accept that your decisions and actions are your responsibility.

Tip 1

Two cards can’t answer a question, so just focus on taking three deep breaths and letting your thoughts flow before drawing.

Tip 2

If you’re a student of TdM school you can share your draw on clickTarot. Just crop the picture and upload it to the Facebook group.

Tip 3

Make it a habit to draw two cards each day, but only when you have five minutes of tranquillity.

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