The School Of Tarot

The TdM school on the Tarot of Marseille guarantees teaching that puts the Tarot within everyone’s reach, from beginners to experts.

Even those who have been studying the Tarot for over forty years have testified that the first time they felt a real connection with this instrument was after attending our school.

Our teaching is unique in the world.

school Tarot TdM Francesco Guarino

You only need to attend any event organised by our group to feel you have come to the centre of a timeless magic.

After years of research and study, we have developed an advanced system for explaining the Tarot.

We integrate in an extraordinary way the Knowledge subtly handed down by the Tarot itself with the complex multidimensional structure that links the Arcana together.

This connection highlights an extremely powerful esoteric language.

What we explain in our courses is the grammar of the Arcana. In fact, like a normal idiom, the Tarot has a dense network of rules and resonances that form the structure with which it expresses itself.

The content of our courses covers the esoteric domain, but we do not neglect the historical part, spreading revelations of great importance and interest to initiates, scholars and even simple amateurs.

Participants in our courses have the feeling of having received Knowledge transmitted in a subtle way by the Tarot itself, the same Knowledge that has been handed down for centuries.

Get started learning Tarot today.

scuola TdM Tarocchi Di Marsiglia Corsi Tarologia Francesco Guarino