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scuola TdM Tarocchi Di Marsiglia Corsi Tarologia Francesco Guarino

On this page you will find books on the Tarot by Francesco Guarino. In a detailed and completely accessible way, the author puts all the power and magic of the TdM Method at your disposal.

The TdM Method is not a simple self-improvement technique, nor yet another approach to reading the Tarot. It is something completely innovative that allows you to manage and create your own reality at will, with the Tarot as your guide.

Thousands of people are going crazy over this new cultural phenomenon.

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Tarot A Practical Model

Anesthetized, encapsulated, dormant.

Is that a zombie?

No, that's today's human being.

What? Does a human have the same characteristics as a zombie?

Unfortunately yes!

We unconsciously continue to follow a path that is not ours, even if the cancer of the System is already devouring us. Remedies and gurus are on the rise, but paradoxically, even depressed, aimless people who get intoxicated with coffee, drugs, alcohol, are tripling.

Why is that?

Technical and scientific progress has unlocked social rules that were not evident before. The human being tries to contrast this state of things by acting on the effects, but never on the causes. This is exactly how our decline began.

But is there a solution?

Of course: to trace a Knowledge capable of accompanying the human being towards personal freedom. All the oldest tools of Wisdom and Awareness convey traces of this teaching.

What Guarino offers is a unique opportunity: to discover the practical model of Knowledge coded in the Tarot in order to get out of a System that deforms the human being in a subtle and stereotyped way.

scuola TdM Tarocchi Di Marsiglia Corsi Tarologia Francesco Guarino