At the basis of the TdM Method Of Tarot Reading there is a new concept of interpreting an Arcanum no longer as a simple archetype, but as an interactive part of a draught.

The tarot reader is asked a precise question while shuffling the cards without altering their direction.

The cards will be opened like a fan or scattered on the table. From these, the consultant chooses three cards. The cards drawn are placed in front of the person who has come to have them read.

tre arcani

Arranged in this way, the Arcana represent a Way to be followed with precise directives, from left to right.

When the tarologist believes that the most suitable moment has arrived, the cards are uncovered and observed upside down.

The consultant looks at the game from the proper direction, enabling the conscious, active mind to find something significant and useful, something that is actually a reflection of the consultant’s submerged thoughts in resonance with the wisdom of the Tarot.

At that moment there is a kind of sharing, a dialogue in which the person consulting can comfortably find an opening.

It is then necessary to take into account the gaze of the characters.

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TdM: a dynamic reading method

When a character looks in a direction where there is no card, it is necessary to choose one and place it next to it in the direction of the character's gaze.

This is known as the gaze card or regard card. This is how the draught comes alive: a new card is placed to see what the previous one is looking at.

At the end of the draught, a diagram will be formed in which there will be three cards, or dozens of them, shifted to the right or completely to the left.

Perhaps each side will have the same number of cards.

A situation that started out positive becomes negative, remains the same or becomes the exact opposite. In short, the mutability of the Universe in relation to the consultant's microcosm is being recalled.

All these factors are of great importance in the reading.

imperatrice innamorato (1)

The strength of this method lies in the sense of familiarity that one will develop with the Tarot.

It is possible to bring this feeling to life through the simple observation of the symbolic relationships.

This teaching is truly a form of mental gymnastics that makes our intuitive side more effective. No other teaching can boast of this strength.

You can try this drawing with your Tarot deck or by relying on our drawing programme.

Three cards will have an X at the bottom. These are the first three drawn. If there are more cards drawn in order to respect the look of the characters, they will not have an X at the bottom.

Now think about your question, concentrate on the image at the bottom and when you are ready, click on the spiral.

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